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Alternative and Holistic Health Therapies by Amber Jenkins

I’m a Registered General Nurse with over 20yrs experience practising in Inverclyde who has always been interested in complementary therapies.

I believe in the importance of holistic care, looking beyond just the physical and spending quality time with patients. It took until my children were older before I had the time to experience both reflexology and reiki and I’ve never looked back. I had wonderful introductory experiences and benefits from both therapies and bitten by the bug recommended to everyone who would listen. The next step was obvious for me, I was passionate about passing on these benefits to others and therefore trained to become a Reflexologist and Reiki practitioner studying with the Bayly School of Reflexology and to advanced level Usui Reiki. During this time of study I discovered Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology (RLD) and its benefits and qualified as a practitioner with Sally Kay. I continue to spread my enthusiasm and passion for reflexology and reiki working as a therapist and love working with my clients in Gourock continually striving to spread the word to the people of Greenock, Gourock, Inverclyde and beyond.

reflexology and reiki by Amber jenkins

Mobile Treatments

🆕 New to Reflexology and Reiki by Amber:

Mobile treatments are available by arrangement for those who are unable to visit the therapy room. Enquires are always welcome should you wish to discuss any health concerns that would prevent being able to attend the therapy room. This includes palliative care.