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A session of relaxing reiki using natural healing energies to help ease tension and stress and promote wellness on all levels…

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Reiki means universal life energy. This energy was rediscovered and thereafter passed on by Dr Mikao Usui when he set out to understand the healing he had read from scriptures in the past. He became known for his healing on the streets of Japan in 1923 following an earthquake. Reiki is based on the belief that we all have a life force energy that flows through us and Chakras (energy centres) found throughout the body that can become blocked and lead to imbalances and ill health. Reiki is not affiliated to any religion.

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Reiki is a relatively unknown holistic therapy that I first heard about during a palliative care course in a local hospice. The patients felt real benefits from the therapy and although I found it difficult to understand I decided to try a session. I had a profoundly relaxing/de-stressing experience during the session which in addition to a reduction of aches and pains and a sense of rebalance continued for many weeks following the treatment.

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Prior to a reiki session, a medical history will be taken, thereafter the client will be made comfortable on a bed. The therapy involves the therapist placing their hands on and above the Chakra areas and it is believed the energy goes to where it is required. The experience is different for everyone from deep relaxation to sensations of hot and cold and much more. Subsequent reiki experiences are rarely the same as the client receives what they need at that moment in time. The treatment lasts for approximately 1 hour but gives additional time for the deep relaxation that people often encounter following the treatment and discussion of experiences.

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We offer professional reflexology and reiki treatments in the Inverclyde area, including – Greenock, Gourock, Port Glasgow, Inverkip, Wemyss bay and beyond. Drop into our therapy room at Nchantments, Gourock. We can also offer mobile treatments by arrangement for those who are unable to visit the therapy room.

Been going to Amber for reiki for over a year now and every experience has been amazing. Come out feeling relaxed and recharged every time ♥ she is truly the best at what she does, couldn’t recommend her enough!

Shannon Connolly